What to Expect at an Old Time Photos shoot?

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From the moment you walk in the door until you leave you should know that you are the star of the show! It is our goal to make it apparent that we are here to make your ideas a reality or to help you create a fun experience if you are unsure what you are wanting to do. 


At the counter you will be cheerfully greeted by our team, usually with a "Welcome to Cody, how can we help you?!" or something of the like. From this time on we are truly excited to get to know you and how to best serve your group. Often times our studio can be a little overwhelming with so many interesting props, costumes, scenes and choices to filter through. We start by going over the price list so you know what to expect and can be thinking about what budget you are hoping to be in. We price everything per image, so we can fit into most budgets. 

After the particulars are out of the way we move on to more fun and lighthearted conversation. We show you the look book which has photos in it of each scene and different costume options. Everything from the mountains, the saloon, the jail, or the victorian scene; we have many options for your group. 

Once we know what scene you are interested in we can move on through the "shooting room" to the costume area. We house over 200 costumes in our studio! That makes for a ton of choices! Most of our costumes tie up the back and can be made to fit a variety of sizes. No worries if you have had a few more cookies than you would like, we have you covered! Usually when we are in the costume area we split up and take care of the ladies first in the front dressing rooms. We go through and choose our costumes; cowgirls, native americans, saloon gals, the madame, the frontiers woman, the homesteader, or an array of Victorian dresses. We get our things and head across the hall to the dressing rooms, where we give you all the instructions for the costumes and accessories and help with any fitting needs. Once the ladies are on their way, we head back the hall and get to work with the gents. The gents have hats, coats, jackets, boots, vests and all the accessories to make their vision come to life. We get the men the basic attire first and finish their dressing just before we start shooting. (It can get warm in all the layers so we like to dress in the heavy layers last.)


Now, that we have made it to the shooting room the real fun can begin! This whole time we have been making sure to get to know you and your groups personality through your costume choices, where you are from, and some fun banter. We try hard to remember names but in the spirit of transparency (I Shana Klassen, owner of this establishment, deeply express my apologies in advance; I AM TERRIBLE WITH NAMES!)  Now that I have confessed we can move on. 

We pose you right down to stray hairs and fingertip placement for each pose. No need to fret if you are typically awkward in front of a camera or feel as such. We will take care of you to make sure we get you relaxed and in your best light. We do take time to try to find out if you have areas of your body that you are less fond of then others. We want you to LOVE your images so we will do our very best to focus on your favorites! While we are shooting we like to turn our guests into actors and have them move and "act" out the scene they are in. Real laughs are the best and the only way to get them is to get everyone involved and having fun! We enjoy "setting the stage" for our customers and talking with them about how things were done historically and we also mix in some new school things to make it fun. In our shooting stage we usually take 10-20 photos of your group in different poses. We also like to split up groups into smaller groups such as; just the kids, just the adults, the ladies only, or just the cowboys. Just like that we wrap it up and send you to the dressing rooms once again to change back into your outfits. 

While you are changing we are loading your images into our computer so they are ready for viewing. When you finish changing you step back to the screen and we go through your group images. No waiting weeks for a gallery to come via email to choose, nope, not here. We are all about instant gratification here at Way Back When Photography. We go through and you choose your favorite images, as well as your favorite color profile. We offer three color profiles, black and white, sepia, or a one of a kind vintage color. We are supremely proud of our vintage color profile as it was made just for our studio by yours truly, and it is one of a kind. When you get through choosing your images and color profile all that is left is to choose your print sizes or digital options and BOOM, we get your product in your hands before you leave! Simple as that! 

We also have the ability to get your images printed on a variety of other mediums such as metal, canvas, acrylic or large prints. Those options are ordered on our website and shipped right to your home, orders over $199 get FREE SHIPPING! We understand if you are traveling you may want to have that as an option as to not have to be worried about packing prints around. We also can do simple collages of your photos for a small design fee + the cost of the medium it is printed on (8x10 print, 5x7 print, 8x10 metal, etc.) . We strive to make sure we have something to fit everyone's needs!  

We hope that you have enjoyed this and have a good idea of what to expect when you book an Old Time Photos session at our studio. We really enjoy experiencing making memories with our customers and hope to give you a 5-star rave worthy time! Come on down and bring an open mind and a good sense of humor and I can gaurantee you won't be disappointed!



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